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In a world that needs Rock N' Roll more then ever, at a time when the music establishment continues to overflow with cookie cutter pop, rap and metal, in a place that’s know more for their lobsters than for their maddening solos Sun Gods In Exile have arrived to bring some honest to god hard rock to the masses that so desperately need it.  Like a Bottle of Jack Daniels at a Mormon Wedding the SGIE are preaching the gospel of rock and roll through loud as fuck Marshall stacks and they won’t be happy until all of Salt Lake City is converted.

Formed in early 2008 by four guys that worship at the altar of vintage rock, Sun Gods In Exile is more than the sum of their respected pasts.  After a brief stint in Boston's Cortez, Portland, Maine guitarist Anthony D'Agostino hooked up with old friend bassist JL, late of Ocean, to get back to basics and to play the kind of old school rock and roll that they both love. Augmented by the rock steady addition of Johnny Kennedy on drums and centered around the southern-fried vocals (and guitar) of Adam Hitchcock the boys of SGIE quickly became a club favorite all along the eastern seaboard, garnering opening slots with many including Roadsaw, Hackman, Mess With The Bull, The Brought Low and many others.  Hearing what Tony & Co. had we here at Small Stone quickly signed Sun Gods In Exile and sent them into Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts with engineer Benny Grotto (Roadsaw, Dixie Witch, Solace, A Thousand Knives Of Fire). The resulting ten tracks were more than we could ever have hoped for.  “Black Light, White Lines” seethes with the same kind of classic rock energy that their live shows have gained them widespread notoriety for (not to mention their infamous after parties).  The licks are strong, the solos blazing and the songs leap from the speakers like a rock and roll toad in a blender.

With the release of “Black Light, White Lines,” the men of SGIE are angling to repeat their near legendary national debut at SXSW with a similarly explosive and mind expanding performance at CMJ this fall.  The Sun Gods In Exile will be preaching up a storm all summer, so look for them on the road.  See them at a club, see them on a street corner, see them at that Mormon wedding.  You will be converted.

For fans of: AC~DC, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, The Cult, Dixie Witch, Roadsaw, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Molly Hatchet.



Text/Photo Source: Small Stone Recordings

© 2009, Sun Gods in Exile